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Why More And More People Enjoy The Architectural Glass Film
- Apr 06, 2017 -

according to the Suzhou architectural glass film company survey, China currently is the high energy consumption of "garbage construction" the hardest hit, at the same time, building glass curtain wall, car windows, computer screen, TV advertising signs, window counter is caused by arch-criminal high-energy light pollution.

Due to the analysis on the glass paste insulation explosion-proof membrane can save 30% energy consumption and improve the living environment and beautify the daily life, more and more people began to accept this kind of thin insulation explosion-proof membrane of high-tech products. Mr. Lee, who lives in Guangzhou, said to reporters, their real glass and automotive glass are fitted with insulation explosion-proof membrane, the effect is very significant, not only in the summer is very cool, save the air-conditioning cost, especially green fashion.

According to the survey, the 762 survey of 667 people think Architectural glass It is necessary to film, accounting for 87.53% of the total, which shows that many consumers are on the buildingwindow film The things expressed a high degree of identity, a relatively high degree of psychological acceptance. We also see that the 762 survey of 193 people do not know the building Glass About the film; and there are 464 people do not know the architectural glass film with Auto glass What is the difference between the film, the two data add up to 86.22%, which shows that many consumers do not understand the architectural glass film.

Why so many people do not understand the architectural glass film, but it is necessary that film? The reporter interviewed some of the consumers. The investigation to the vast majority of consumers said that in fact do not understand factorie but saw the newspaper after the survey more Internet search, found that there is a very big help for factorie energy saving, safety and other aspects of the building itself, so it is necessary to think.

In the survey, to grasp the characteristics and performance of architectural glass film, the reporter interviewed some brand agents. They told reporters that the architectural glass film is generally divided into three types: insulation explosion-proof membrane, indoor decorative film, security film plates. The vibration proof film has the following characteristics: first, heat insulation and energy saving, save electricity; second, safety explosion-proof; third, UV blocking, protect the skin, reduce indoor furniture fading degree; fourth, individual perspective, anti glare, to create a private space. The interior decoration film emphasizes installed consumers can choose different styles, colors, according to personal preferences. The main function of bulletproof safety film is of course you can stop, burglary and robbery.

However, in the survey we found that many consumers don't care the decorative film, single choice appearance has only 8 people. How many other functional description of the number of choices are safe, heat insulation, anti outwire, privacy.

The results show that the above survey, consumers will look at the above functional film and the decorative effect is not high.

The bank believes that this is mainly the product is still in the early promotion, the product solution is very limited, so the choice of a great arbitrariness.