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Thermal Production Methods And Processes Of Glass Handicraft
- Apr 06, 2017 -

Thermal production method is another method of making glass handicraft, which generally refers to the production in the melting point of 1450 degrees and 450 degrees between the cold point, relative to the production method of cold work, main steps and process method of making thermal glass handicraft is different, in the end the thermal production method of glass handicraft steps with the process of how to do? Let's take a look!

1, die: the molten glass thermal paste injection pattern mold pressed has carved into massive and well pattern is also pressing.

2, sand casting: model of indentation depth moderate sand jet wet acetylene to avoid sand mold caving, and then remove the re grinding in the Xu Lenghou glass paste into the sand mold for glass is cold.

3, fetal heart forming: the first one of the techniques used in making glass window to mixed mud and horse dung into embryo pericardium in metal bar and then dipped in hot glass paste become a container main in figure around the glass outline pattern, such as Xu cold after dug fetal heart is complete.

4, light torch thermoplastic: a small gun or torch lamp for heating, also known as light torch thermoplastic, with various color or sodium borosilicate glass glass color bar, with elongated, twisting, winding and other techniques, continuously form shape, suitable for small delicate features, such as glass beads, animal and plant etc..

5, blowing: the origin of AD1 empire in Rome, the most important is the glass technology, the most widely used, most of the production method change. Blowing in the window, the process refers to the wind picks up the molten glass paste, blowing to form vesicles, then use the tools to thermoplastic molding, then another dip small glass tube bridging with bottom action, knock down the work of Xu cold.

6, the lost wax casting method: Refractory gypsum wrapped in wax mold, glass raw material and air. At the same time into the furnace heated under high temperature glass slowly flows into the mold molding, placed in dewaxing furnace, Xu cold removal of plaster mold, then grinding polishing processing.

7, powder casting: pieces of glass and glass powder in the pre designed model, put in the glass melting furnace heating works.

8, the furnace heating design method: it is at 750 degrees ~850 degrees heating techniques.

9, thermoplastic fusion: glass first cut glass or a combination of different patterns into the furnace in ceramic plate heating become a glass version usually will change to other collocation techniques.

10, bending: glass material into the first design and production of clay good shape on the heated glass gradually softened and began to droop can free fall molding.