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The Types And Classification Of Glass Products
- Apr 06, 2017 -
Various types of glass products introduced:
(a) Float glass :
Float glass refers to the molten glass in the tin into the groove, forming on the surface of the molten metal on the tin liquid Plate glass .
(two) the heat absorbing glass (energy):
The heat absorbing glass is the incorporation of metal ions in the glass body, which can absorb a large amount of infrared radiation, and to maintain a good visible light transmission rate of flat glass.
(three) Toughened glass :
Tempered glass is the glass surface of ordinary glass by heating and quenching after strong uniform compressive stress, the mechanical strength of the glass increased exponentially.
(four) sandwich glass:
Laminated glass is between two or more pieces of glass sheets with organic plastic film, glass composite products after heated and pressed into adhesive.
The original film laminated glass can be used in float glass, tempered glass, Coated glass And colored glass, Color glass Etc..
(five) Patterned glass :
Embossed glass also called pattern glass or knurling glass, translucent glass is composed of double roll calender continuous pressed flat, side side embossed.
(six) Wired glass :
The glass is ordinary flat glass heated to red hot softening state, then the pre heated wire or wire pressing glass made of. It features fire superior, can block the flame combustion at high temperature without cracking, crushing will not cause debris. In addition to anti-theft performance, glass cut and barbed wire barrier. Mainly used for roof and balcony window.
(seven) Frosted glass :
Frosted glass and frosted glass, called dark glass. Is the use of ordinary flat glass by mechanical sandblasting, hand grinding or hydrofluoric acid dissolution method for surface treatment is made into a uniform surface. Because the surface is rough, the light diffuse reflection, light and perspective, it can make the indoor soft light without glare. Commonly used in the bathroom, toilet, hidden to the Office door Window and partition. When in use should be out of the window for hair.
(eight) Hollow glass :
Hollow glass is sealed by spaced between two layers of glass using lithography interval frame, filled with dry air, and fill in the amount of desiccant to keep the air dry and prepared. Hollow glass with good thermal insulation, sound insulation performance and anti condensation performance.
(nine) thermal insulating glass:
Heat Mirror insulating glass is the most energy saving glass products, technology developed by the time, the K value can reach 0.91. Its excellent sunshade and heat insulation effect can prevent heat loss in winter, and strong sunlight reflected thermal radiation in summer, which is one of the most cool environmental effect Energy saving glass Product.
(ten) coated glass:
Coated glass (Reflectiveglass) also known as reflective glass. Glass in the glass surface coated with one layer or multi layers of metal, alloy or metallic compound film, so as to change the optical properties of glass, to meet special requirements.
The main heat reflective glass, Low-E glass (also known as Low - E glass)
(eleven) Vacuum glass :
Vacuum glass is a new type of glass deep processing products.
Vacuum glass is two flat glass around the gap will be closed, evacuated and sealed exhaust hole, the gap between two pieces of glass is 0.1-0.2mm, two pieces of vacuum glass generally have at least one piece is Low-E glass.