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Origin Of Glass Beads
- Apr 06, 2017 -

Since the beginning of the Western Zhou dynasty. To the Warring States period is very popular. Warring States period tombs excavated in the burial at present almost all glass glass beads. It is the development of technology and equipment, continuous improvement, the glass texture is more inseparable. These people use jade Baldric less, cannot meet the requirements of the people, and promote a large number of fine glass bead production.

In 1978 with the county of Hubei province leigudun Ceng Houyi sets great bells unearthed from the tomb, unearthed many more glass beads, glass beads two on this map are the tomb of the funerary objects. A string of seven beads by a single glass beads, beads into a round, purple brown, smooth surface, regular shape. The other beads beautifully decorated, typical Dragonfly eye glass beads, a flat size of the body, with light blue or green color, surface decorated with concentric ring type several white, light blue, slightly higher than the central part around the convex shape. This series of glass beads should be wrapping method then dipped into the tire, white material and light blue pigment, a ring in pregnancy, in both are not fully condensed into adhesive. Dragonfly eye glass beads for the spring and Autumn period, the main form of glass beads, while it also spread throughout Central Asia, West Asia and North Africa, is a variety of Chinese and Western glass varieties. This string of beads in each dimension are different, in addition to a green diamond, the rest of the shapes were oblate body, a perforation, other is unity. These glass beads are bright and colorful, with regular shape and high technical level, which can be used as typical representatives of glass beads in the Warring States period.

Two, modern glass beads

The glass bead is currently a common kind of jewelry accessories, widely used in clothing, dress, shoes, hats, handbags, headwear, wool textile, embroidery, lamps, crafts and so on, the main production is located in Guangdong province Chaozhou City Fuyang beads Market and Zhejiang Yiwu, Guangdong and Zhejiang is from the national 2 production and the biggest selling glass bead area.

Road reflective glass beads are mainly concentrated in Heilongjiang, Daqing, Hebei, Yongqing, the focus of the majority of trading companies, mainly from Daqing to buy. The domestic large-scale glass bead production enterprise has the Daqing road through science and technology limited company and so on. Reflective glass beads are divided into ordinary glass beads and high refractive index glass beads. Ordinary glass beads are mainly used for road coatings, refractive index is greater than or equal to 1.5. High refractive index glass beads are mainly used in reflective weaving, such as traffic police clothing, highway signs and other places.

Three classification of glass beads

According to the glass bead size range (UM) of the glass bead mass percentage (%), the glass beads can be roughly divided into three categories (1) jewelry with glass beads (2) road glass beads (3) mechanical sandblasting, polishing glass beads.