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Inner Mongolia Rome Glass Beads Unearthed From The Tomb Of The Ancient Xianbei
- Apr 06, 2017 -

Archaeological experts recently in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region city of Manchuria Mushroom Hill Cemetery archaeological excavations found in the two clip gold (silver) glass beads. The scientific analysis shows that the glass beads from the eastern Mediterranean coast of the ancient Rome Empire glass production center.

Cui Jianfeng, an associate professor at the Peking University School of Archaeology and Museology, this comes from the ancient Rome empire in the clip in the area of Hulun Buir Jinzhu same period found in large amount, confirmed early in the Eastern Han Dynasty of Wei and Jin Dynasties, Hulun Buir area and Xianbei ancestors in West Asia and Rome Empire are material and cultural exchanges.

Archaeological studies show that before the Silk Road opened, the prairie silk road has been there, but also in China and the west to play an important role in the exchange of silk road. Various evidences show that the Hulun Buir area in the northeast of China was an important center of economic and cultural exchanges between the East and the west, and also the transportation hub of the silk road.