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Glass Products More And More Personalized
- Apr 06, 2017 -

With 80 or 90] starting a family demand for all kinds of life activities is more and more biased in favor of the pursuit of fashion and style of personalized, glass products are increasingly high requirements, but the current market of glass products: glass products new state is too little, everyone in the price competition.

This industry is the emergence of this situation is a necessary phase, now the domestic production capacity can name the manufacturer does not have a glass not by increasing capacity to reduce costs to improve the competitiveness of their products, but also the main direction of almost all on the international market in recent years, the low value-added products in the international market downturn. The product backlog, often with the boss about the product line to get the answer is nothing more than the old products after the clearance to do is to develop new products or new products, the risk is too big, not fully grasp or wait, then the market will give us the opportunity to wait?

do Glass All know this industry product production process and the difference is enormous, but the same basic raw materials are that it can not be considered in the same industry. The dying handmade glass production process to be eliminated immediately at this time and finally find the direction, do personalized products for young people, fashion products. Follow the change of new era, small batch fast turn.

All glass impression is transparent, is simple. The future will be in this state? Now enterprises can find a breakthrough opportunity to subvert the traditional, to tell consumers the glass can also be color, even the glass can also be riotous with colour; relief, we can put the flower all day to accompany their relief in the cup; we can make your own unique style of decoration for decoration collocation vase; refuse the same, we can also do a lot of.