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Glass Like Stone, As Copper Is Beyond The Category Of Arts And Creative Media
- Apr 06, 2017 -

The afternoon of January 9th, Qingyun International Cultural Art Park invited Paul van den Bijgaart, Yang Jie, Peng Yi, Ren four artists in Qingyun international cultural art park four glass lamp industry exhibition. The fusion of Western artists concept of contemporary art and art lamp, lamp China traditional art show the audience to close the ornamental glass art production process.

In the history of world glass technology, light technology is immeasurable wealth culture. The glass lamp industry in BC has emerged and use, it is caliper makers artistic and technical standards of the glass art. Light industrial glass crafts development in the last century, in 80s, the basic method of making the colorful glass rod as the main material, the use of oxygen and liquefied gas for heating glass rod, the rapid melting of bars after heating, and then by the operator with pliers, blade and other small tools operating the whole process of the products shaping. Chic, Ambilight, exquisitely carved, both fresh and rich content at all times and in all countries, the form of lamp technology showing the process itself is full of mystery and legend.

Paul van den Bijgaart

Paul van den Bijgaart glass production site

The Art Park Exhibition artists

Qingyun International Cultural Art Park founder and artistic director Liu Liyu in an interview with the construction of the park's original purpose - a before no one has done in the park, to provide more exchange opportunities for artists. Some of the artists themselves need to set up a studio of funds and equipment to build, Qingyun International Cultural Art Park to provide artists can directly enter the creation base. In the park every artists use different materials, different processes, their combination and exchange to break the single mode of creation. On the other hand, open the park, not only domestic artists into the park for the creation, also hope that the artists and the international cooperation and communication. In the overall development of the park, first invited some well-known international artists to enter the park for the creation, bring different voices from different country artists there, including different techniques or the same art different understanding, strengthen international exchanges.

Glass art in the public mind more stay in the understanding of the concept of a single art, I hope that more and more people realize that the glass is a kind of creative media, not limited in the field of Arts and crafts. Glass like rocks, like copper, can do, can do for sculpture. We need to break the glass art people's traditional understanding". The glass material itself is transparent, reflective, refractive and other characteristics, this is their different glass media. "The artist can use the glass itself special material language to show the material itself is beautiful, also reflects his own creation view of" Liu Liyu said.