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Glass Handicraft Production Process
- Apr 06, 2017 -

A environment and equipment

Production of colored glass must be carried out in a clean room, the minimum area of ten square meters, big is not limited to, the requirements of indoor light is good, no dust, good ventilation, to place one or two fan, conditions can be installed air conditioning, room temperature should be controlled in more than 20C.

Homemade operating table one or more, each height of 800-850 mm, Taiwan area is generally 1500*1000 mm is appropriate, since the purchase of a balance for weighing, plastic cups for a number of Taiwan a color palette, 500*1000 mm, a dry glass frame.

Two, line and fill glass

The available float glass, also use sandblasting glass and embossed glass, the effect of different.

Vertical line material is divided into A, B two copies, when using the first material amount, plus medical talc powder and drip a few drops of paint (lines to what color with pigment mixed to spare). By using the special tool, according to the drawing line, line material of different colors, the effect is not the same as.

Line drying filling material for coloring pigment, colorless transparent body, dilute after placed in a plastic cup, the amount of optic glass area and size, one time enough to spare. According to fill after the first light after the first warm cold concentrated in order to not waste filler.

Three, process

1, draft (draft, the size of the same line) to make the glass as large as the draft shop in the operating table (table level) glass on the draft.

2, with a good tune the line below the line feed a draft. Pay special attention to the line, circle, and joint exercises. Line dry place white on the platform photogenic stamps. High temperature in summer, air drying, large area color, faster, or 1ine.

3, repair: line is not straight or need to be repaired by one side, security razor blade repaired, fill in the wrong color, can scrape out with a blade in the wet front.

4, color: more than two kinds of pigment need transition, can be prepared with the same concentration, different colors are mixed fillers, coloring, can slowly transition more natural natural infiltration.

5, the phantom glass: in the coated lecherous glass, while the wet paint evenly sprinkle glitter, obtain brilliant effect.

6, double color: if both sides need decorative glass and white, with rainbow powder and paint, evenly coated, dry is formed.