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Emerging Technologies In Glass
- Feb 23, 2018 -

New technology editor

Glass is an ancient building material. With the rapid improvement of modern science and technology and the rapid development of applied technology, various kinds of unique glass come out and thrive the glass family.

Not broken

A British aircraft manufacturing company invented a broken glass for aircraft. It is a kind of multilayer glass with cladding and sticky transparent plastic film. The polyvinyl chloride based plastic film has a sticky semi liquid consistency. When someone tries to break it, the damaged polyvinyl chloride film will slowly gather together and restore its own entirety. This glass can be used in cars for burglar burglar cars.


Bulletproof glass is made of glass (or organic glass) of a composite material and the quality of engineering plastics through special processing is obtained, it is usually transparent materials, such as PVB/ polycarbonate thermoplastic (general resin Lexan resin as was also called LEXAN PC RESIN). It has the appearance of ordinary glass and the act of transmitting light, which provides a certain protection for the firing of small arms. The thickest PC plate can be 136 mm thick, the maximum width is 2166 mm wide and the effective time is 6664 days.