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The glass industry Research Report
- Apr 06, 2017 -

at present, on the market in the first half of the glass itself in consumption season, the price is also very difficult to get to the inventory, with the demand for glass processing enterprises 4-5 in the northeast and northwest regions and the gradual recovery of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River in rainy season caused a slowdown in demand downstream procurement, glass is expected spot price rose difficult, glass production enterprises are relatively satisfied with the current price decline, but the space is small, in addition to Shahe and the Great Wall glass safety inventory is high, the goods go smoothly, and other enterprises in Shahe glass inventory is not high, the overall inventory is not high, a substantial price reduction will not high.

On the supply and demand of glass. The whole area of Shahe supply is stable, no new capacity, the cold repair capacity, demand in the off-season, the recent slight decline in the first half, supply and demand balance. As Shahe and the central region between the glass price in a reasonable range, Shahe glass rarely into Hubei, Shandong, Henan, mainly into Shanxi, Hebei, Jiangsu and Anhui etc.. The central region of glass does not directly compete with Shahe, and the glass are mainly sold to Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other regions, some are sold in Southern China, Southern China after the price spread, regional balance, inflows are now less. In other words, Shahe and central glass in competing to seize the market in East China, Jiangsu and Zhejiang glass leads to an increase in inventory, inventory and other regional and national glass were gradually decreased. In addition, the northeast and Qinhuangdao glass are mainly sold abroad, exports more and more, the northeast area and the Shahe area glass spread small, there is no possibility of vicious competition between.

about Glass Inventory. In Shahe the whole glass inventory is not high, some large enterprises are in the higher glass inventory, but inventory decline in Osaka; higher inventory, low inventory sheet, especially below 2mm thin stockout. Due to the investigation of different, the difference of glass inventory is very large, which may be closely related to enterprise development strategy or market expectations, some enterprise product quality, brand ring, have some pricing power, may take the price is bound to inventory is also high; some enterprises will adopt low-cost strategy, inventory is relatively low; some enterprises are optimistic about the market outlook that may not have the option to the stock price, some enterprises on the market outlook cautious, may choose to let the shipments; some enterprises may direct a higher proportion of low inventory, some enterprises may sell a higher proportion of high inventory. On the view of research staff. In the research process, the researchers point to a neutral glass glass, that price range this year shocks greater probability, volatility is less than last year, the area of glass spot price was mixed, the contradiction between supply and demand in the first half is not particularly prominent in the middle and lower reaches of the psychological game is large, so it does not have the conditions for the second half of the year rose sharply, the situation is not too optimistic, focus on the four quarter demand for off-season glass market performance; glass trade and processors divergence, neutral and optimistic are pessimists also; investment company staff believes that the glass market is not overly optimistic view, nor overly pessimistic, the price of around 1200 yuan / ton line under the shock, fluctuation range between 1150-1350 of course, most do not care about the trend and focus on arbitrage opportunities, especially the warehouse cost, short-term spot prices have some support costs, the 1200 line under the opportunity to do more, the 1400 line on the existence of hedging opportunities.