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The glass industry drives the rapid development of quartz sand industry
- Apr 06, 2017 -

in recent years, the development of the national economy, various provinces and cities to accelerate the pace of construction, real estate development, low-income housing construction needs to continue to support the glass industry, especially the quartz glass is hot. Especially with the increase of building energy efficiency policies, improve the management standard and standardization of building glass industry, the level of science and technology, energy-saving glass, safety glass and green glass will shine in the future construction, played a greater and greater effect.

According to experts, quartz glass has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, high temperature resistance, excellent chemical stability, excellent electrical insulation properties, ultrasonic delay low and stable, through the UV spectrum of the best performance and the visible light and near infrared spectral properties, and mechanical performance is higher than the ordinary glass. Quartz sand is an important raw material of quartz glass, a large increase in the glass industry demand, quartz sand production machinery industry become a new profit point.With the development of science and technology, not just the quartz glass used in glass industry, but also for the production of semiconductors, light source device, communication device, semiconductor laser, optical instruments, laboratory instruments, electrical equipment, medical equipment and high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant chemical equipment, chemical industry, electronics, metallurgy, building materials and national defense industry, especially is a quartz glass is widely used in the process of semiconductor manufacturing, such as the Czochralski method put into polycrystalline silicon, diffusion, diffusion of cleaning tank used for cleaning tube, ion implantation with bell, also witnessed the new breakthrough in the application of quartz glass.

Thus, the glass industry is a scale and product structure advantage two indispensable industries, manufacturers in quartz sand production according to the customer's final demand in the new situation of market demand, at this point, compared with other manufacturers, Zhengzhou Dingsheng quartz sand production line has the advantage, because it according to the customer's quartz sand particle size and use of different combinations of different types of equipment, to meet customer requirements of different processes.

The market demand for glass increasing led to the development of production of quartz sand, quartz sand production equipment will also become the focus of many machinery manufacturing enterprises chase, quartz glass industry will eventually fall into the hands of one piece of fat, or to see the equipment performance and enterprise qualification, fierce competition will bring not only the profit growth is more technology and technological progress!