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Rainbow new energy photovoltaic glass technology has made new breakthroughs in the plan to build a new photovoltaic glass project
- Apr 06, 2017 -

Rainbow new energy (00438) announcement, the company in November 8, 2016, photovoltaic glass innovation and project conference held in Beijing.

The release of the whole photovoltaic glass kiln furnace oxygen combustion technology and industrial technology, to overcome the traditional air oven furnace with high energy consumption and high pollution and other shortcomings, in the China electronic The association's "750 tons / solar photovoltaic glass kiln furnace oxy fuel combustion technology and industrialization" scientific and technological achievements appraisal, the appraisal committee agreed that: the project has the advantages of low energy consumption, low emission, high efficiency, the formation of a number of independent intellectual property rights.

The release of the Yanan photovoltaic glass production line project, Hefei photovoltaic glass two continued expansion project and Xianyang photovoltaic glass technical reformation project plans to build three seat (800 - 850) tons / day photovoltaic glass oxy fuel combustion kiln furnace and complete production line, annual production capacity of 76 million square meters of solar glass. Is expected by the end of 2017, the company will become the photovoltaic glass industry scale from the world's third to second in the world, the more obvious cost advantage, to further enhance the comprehensive competitiveness.

The conference, on behalf of the company with a number of financial institutions, customers signed a project cooperation agreement, and held Rainbow light The opening ceremony of the photovoltaic glass and equipment research institute.

In order to further enhance the strength of technology innovation, the company hired industry experts, build photovoltaic glass and equipment research institute in Hefei, tracking industry trends and latest technology, carry out a prospective study.

In addition, the next step, Rainbow new energy The company will actively to the sale of electricity, new energy High quality materials to expand business.