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Jilin Da Chunguang glass products renowned at home and abroad
- Apr 06, 2017 -

Da'an City Chunguang glass products limited liability company in Jilin province is the largest glass products enterprises, this year Shenzhen fair during the spring, the traditional handicraft glass handicraft with its unique style, aesthetic and design concept of renowned at home and abroad.Fabrication of glass crafts are mostly handmade tires, carving, firing, Da'an City Chunguang glass handicraft products not only in shape, color and design concept of win industry recognition, but also in the production of the unique technology of the domestic largest diameter glass crafts.At the fair by hanging decorative glass plate is favored, Da'an City Chunguang glass products limited liability company by examining the design and development of the overseas market, the glass disc is made by Hu molten glass up to 1400 degrees of evolved, professional and technical personnel 5 pct meters blowing control rod of 2 meters outside Hu molten glass through a root diameter, the decorative glass plate diameter production has exceeded 100 cm.Handmade technology, advanced production equipment, unique, standardized production process and strict quality supervision system, the achievements of the Daan Chunguang glass products limited liability company in the same industry leading position in the. 

At the same time, the ability of enterprises to develop new products creation is also rising, has become the industry's first new porcelain glass crafts.In the spring Daan glass products limited liability company 300 square meters of exhibition hall, thousands of colorful and unique glass crafts a superb collection of beautiful things.

Daan Chunguang glass products limited liability company after 10 years of development, products are exported to the United States, Canada, Germany, Britain, France, Italy and other dozens of Europe and the Middle East countries and regions, exports about 3000000, sales of more than 100 million yuan.

In 2015, Da Chunguang glass products limited liability company achieved sales revenue of 17 million yuan, relying on the rich oil and natural gas in Da'an City and other resources, this year plans to invest 1. The new plant construction of 500 million yuan, the construction of modern production line of glass products.