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How to buy glass crafts
- Apr 06, 2017 -

In addition to high-end glass handicrafts, there are many on the market for ordinary people to buy the product, then how do we pick out the most outstanding in these products? 

First, pick up the glass crafts to see the light in the case of light and shadow effects, it is best natural light.

Second, because the handmade glass products, wall thickness will certainly be different, so you can feel the next glass products on the case of light refraction, embodies the three-dimensional visual senses.

Third, thoroughly, glass products do not buy too pure through the purchase of the product, because this light is no difference between the reflection, can not feel the kind of dynamic vitality, so be sure to choose the overall difference between the product.

Fourth, from the perspective of technology to see whether the characteristics of the culture of the famous.