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Glass technology in which the development of the industry to meet the spring
- Apr 06, 2017 -

in recent years, China Economics The rapid development of industrialization, real estate, automobile and other related industries are in rapid development, provides a very good development space just for the glass industry, the market demand is increasing, but also increased the development of glass industry. Mayor Ying Ying glass handicraft factory to seize the opportunity, in the process of making more fit the development trend of the market now.

Glass industry is national Economics 

And urban and rural construction is an important raw material industry, at the same time is a resource and energy consumption industry, the overall quality level of float glass has been improved. Mainly in the thin thickness is relatively stable, visible light transmittance of ordinary and surface quality is obviously improved and so on, and the application of glass is also widely used in our life, and played an important role, with the visible glass industry will usher in a better spring.