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14 kinds of color glass crafts sold in Europe in 20
- Apr 06, 2017 -
Reporter recently walked into the big Liu street Pulandian District Dalian Huajia glass products Co. Ltd. glass art processing workshop, but see a hot scene, more than 50 workers with a 1.5 meter long lever, is the color of glass liquid released by gradually cooling, processing into various shapes of glass art. The use of pigments unique technology, make its products in more than 10 years sold in europe. According to reports, the company produced more than 7 thousand varieties of glass products, exported to Europe and the United States in more than and 20 countries, the annual sales income of about 30000000 yuan. Especially the daily production of 14 kinds of pigment in the country is the first use of technology. Reporter Shao Benxian Chen Daxiang photography reported every stone